Monday, December 6, 2010

Photos Diamond Jubilee Year Conference of AIIEA

 Photographs :
By Courtesy : Arun Kumar Barua, PGII, LIC Divisional Office, Kharagpur
Kharagpur Division Insurance Employees' Association


  1. Happy to see your blog. Hope your documentation of events will be helpful for our organisation (AIIEA). CONGRATULATIONS.

    General secretary, SZIEF

  2. I feel proud myself as photographs shooted by me are also widely published through your blog . I hope there will be a close connectivity between us regarding the above subjects and your valued suggestions and advices are mostly welcome to marched on my photographic journey ahead.

    With thanks,
    Comradely yours,
    Arun Kr. Barua
    Kharagpur Division Insuracne Employees' Association.

  3. Thank you Arun,
    I have Inaugurated My Bolg with Excellent Phtographs shooted by You.

  4. Dear Comrade,

    During the AIIEA Conference, We could not take proper photos of
    Com Manik Sarkar or to say that
    the photos taken us by us were not satisfactory and I was very much
    worried what to do for our monthly
    bulletin ' Sangachudar'. After
    seeing your blog, Iam very much
    happy now. Thank you.

    Moreover your designs for Insurance
    Worker are very impressive and conveys our message.

    I request you to post the designs
    also in your blog so that we also
    can use them in our banners for Conferences.

    Keep it up Comrade.

    With Greetings,

    Comradely Yours
    General Secretary,
    Insurance Corporation Employees' Union, Vellore Division

  5. Comrade,
    Thank You very much for Your visit to my blog. Please share your information in future.

  6. Dear Comrade GV,

    We are happy to see your blog with interested articles, news clippings, interviews, photo features, etc.,
    The progams for calculation for arrears/it birucation prepared was also very useful.

    You work shows the commitment and hardwork.

    May your tribe increase!
    Long Live AIIEA!

    ICEU, Bangalore-do2

  7. Dear comrade Nagendra,

    Thank U very much.

    The Inspiration of AIIEA makes many things.
    I am nothing, Every things is AIIEA.

    AIIEA Right Path